End-of-Year Fun and My Bookclub!

The school term has ended and summer holidays have begun – if someone could just tell the weather to sort itself out!  We’ve been busy this week with end-of-year parties, a lovely sing-a-long with one class, and a delightful whole school Christmas play on Monday.  Now the house is covered with a year’s worth of … Continue reading

Action Packed Weekend!

There’s never a dull moment here, well actually there are plenty, but this weekend there weren’t any! We had our usual Friday night at water polo which was as enjoyable as ever. Then on Saturday morning we agreed with our neighbour to capture our resident magpie Scruffy, and take him to a local animal rescue … Continue reading

‘Tis the Season

If you’d asked me yesterday how I was going with getting ready for Christmas, I’d have sighed and admitted I was well behind in doing anything.  Actually, ‘nothing’ was more accurate, as in I had done absolutely nothing!  And what a difference a day makes.  Today, I am nearly finished my Christmas shopping – largely … Continue reading

A day at the zoo

I don’t know how teachers do it, but I am absolutely shattered after spending the day at zoo with my daughter’s year 1 class! In fact I am lying on my couch doing this post as I’ve just had a nanna nap so I will be able to stay up long enough to go to … Continue reading

A quick post is better than none?!

It’s been a busy week this week – so I thought I’d better check in quickly to let you know I am still alive and well, albeit busy! I help A LOT at my kids school, as I figure once I’m back in paid employment I won’t have the luxury of time, and the kids … Continue reading

How the other half live

Today I spent a lovely few hours with my Mum, my youngest daughter and a good friend wandering the streets of Perth’s most expensive suburb, Peppermint Grove, for PLC’s annual Open Garden Day. PLC is an exclusive girls’ school and they have been hosting this lovely day out for the past 15 years. We wandered … Continue reading

Bits and bobs

Its been a busy week for me so far. Hubby is away again and I keep volunteering to help out at school, so I’m a bit behind on everything else!  We also had a busy weekend with the kids having their first Nippers session at the beach on Sunday, and my son having his first … Continue reading