Joining the Circus

And so it begins….

Earlier this year, my family moved to our dream location – a lovely street in a leafy, riverside suburb of Perth, Western Australia. We had been living only a suburb away in a great house, but the lure of a park across the road and the river a short stroll away was too great and we sold our first family home and moved into the Circus!  (Circus because of it’s circular shape – apparently it was originally a racetrack!).

Our grand plan is to live here for a year or two (if I can cope!) and then renovate or detonate!  It is looking more and more likely that we’ll demolish, as we’ve discovered lots of asbestos and the also the cost of renovating in Perth is usually more expensive than a new-build.  We’ve not built before and are excited and terrified at the same time, but having done some renovations in our last home, we feel as though it’s something we can do without too much stress – ha ha!

My family consists of my lovely husband (whom I’ll call “Sweet” – cos that’s what I call him!), and three gorgeous children – Master 8, Miss 6 and Miss 4, and our beautiful Golden Retriever, Boags (10).

Front view

 As you can see from the photo, we have a lovely park across the road and I’m yet to tire of looking out the window or sitting out the front watching people walk their dogs, kids playing basketball or playing in the playground. (Our old house had all the living out the back – overlooking a gorgeous tropical pool no less, but I never knew what was happening in the outside world).  Here, it sometimes feels like we’re living in the country as there’s not a lot of noise from traffic or people. We want to build to take advantage of the outlook and we also want to maximise the northern sun which comes in on the right of the photo. Currently the house is not geared for that at all, so is quite dark and cold (think: lights on most of the day – ugh!).

We love the Hampton’s style, and I am a big fan of The House That A-M Built. I’ve been saving photos on Pinterest and Houzz, but still haven’t made any final decisions about exactly what it is going to look like.

 This blog will follow our progress with building a new home, but it will also allow me to indulge in some writing, which I dearly love.  I hope to share the ups and downs of family life, and share my view of the world – rightly or wrongly. 

I hope you enjoy following the adventure of Life on the Circus!



2 thoughts on “Joining the Circus

  1. Hey Virginia. All the best on this new journey; both house and writing. The site looks great. I love the ‘green’ title, very you! Mon x

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