How we got here

For several years I have been ‘realestalking’ and keeping a close eye on houses in the area we liked.  We even put in a couple of offers on blocks and were terribly disappointed when we missed out.  I recall nearly two years ago, we were in negotiations with an agent who was also the owner of the block.  The block was in our favourite street and we thought this was our one chance to get into the neighbourhood.  It never felt quite right though – he was pretty pushy and we wanted to run our own race.  Eventually it didn’t work out for us – someone who had previously lived in the street wanted to get back in and was prepared to pay more than the block was advertised for to do so.  I was devastated.  Around the same time, we had agreed that I would resign from my job of 14 years to spend more time with the kids.  So really, with only one income, the decision was in our favour because we would have had to build straight away and that wasn’t really the way we wanted to go.

And so Sweet told me to be patient (not one of my strengths I might add).  But I was.  I know that one of the reasons I felt quietly relieved was that I wasn’t ready to start culling all our ‘stuff’ at home.  It’d been six years since we moved to Perth from Canberra, and we’d had two more kids, so we had a lot of stuff.  I knew that in order to move, at some point we (meaning me) would have to go through all the stuff to get the house ready for sale.  Uhg!  The thought made me feel ill.  I knew then that this wasn’t the right time, and that block wasn’t the right place.

The kids wanted this as their front yard!

Funny how things happen though, isn’t it.  I had kind of stopped looking at the real estate sites, and although I still had the notifications coming through, I’d really lost interest.  And then a good 18 months later, this place was advertised.  I dragged the family through the home open and the kids were sold on the park across the road.  We took my parents through the next week and my Dad was very much, “you should buy it Virginia”.  I usually take my Dad’s advice pretty seriously, and so we did.

We put in an offer, subject to the sale of our house, and then the fun and games began!


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