Weekend Away and To-Do Lists

I am fortunate to be part of an investment club (called rather salubriously – SWINDLERS) with some lovely friends I met through playgroup, when our kids were younger.   We have been in action for over 4 years now and we like to think we’re doing pretty well considering we started in the middle of the GFC!!  Anyway, last year we had our Inaugural Swindlers’ Family Weekend Away, which was a huge success.  But it has taken us since November to get our act into gear to get away without our families!  (Mind you, a couple of us managed to get a night away in May at the Hyatt the night before we ran the HBF Run For a Cause – but there was definitely no table-top dancing that night!!).  We’ve managed to get 8 out of the 12 of us to come – if we had have waited for us all to be available we’d be going in 2016!!  So we’re off to Rottnest for the weekend, and I cannot wait!

Hopefully we’re I’ll be spending some quality time – at the Rottnest Pub looking at this view!

Of course I have been sick this week (after catching the lurgy from my two girls), so I am desperately trying to get rid of any cough and sniffles so I can be in fine form all weekend!  Luckily it is usually a couple of degrees warmer at Rotto than here in Perth, so that will be a good thing.

My illness has also played havoc with my running this week.  I have been struggling with breathing, which is of course is pretty important when running!  But on top of my feet issues (I could blog forever on that), it has been a real drag going for a run this week.  But the City to Surf is only 3 weeks away so I can’t stop training now!  I just need my mojo back!

I think this weekend could be just the tonic I have been waiting for!  Poor Sweet is going to have his hands full though – he’s got to have the kids in a couple of different places at once, but I’m sure he’ll manage – and if not, it won’t be my problem!  I sometimes think that having that complete separation from my family helps them as much as it helps me – it gives everyone a chance to step up and do what needs to be done.  I used to freak out a bit about what they ate etc, when I wasn’t there, but now all I care about is that they are safely tucked into bed at the end of the day.  And Sweet is very good at doing that. 

I am sad though that I will miss my son being the mascot at the local football derby on the weekend.  He is very excited as he gets to go in to the changerooms before the game (shame I’m not here actually!!) and meet the players, do the warm-up and then run on the field with them.  He really wants to be an AFL player when he gets bigger – he’s a pretty good player already, if I don’t say so myself, but I hope he has slightly grander asperations evenutally!  But this will give him a taste of what it’s like at the state level.

Anyhow, I’ve got a to-do list as long as my arm – I did manage to tick a couple off this morning – the dreaded ‘buy new jeans’ can be crossed off!  Can you believe I ended up with the first pair I tried on?  And they were the cheapest!  I was pretty happy with that.  I need to put them on to wear them in a bit before the weekend!

I’d best be off then to tick off the rest of my list – there’s nothing quite as satisfying as ticking things off a list – are you a list writer like me?





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