Back to normality, kind of…

The weekend away went way too quickly – as they tend to do! We had a great time and were blessed with some lovely weather – for the most part. I was not feeling 100% on Friday when we left, but it’s amazing how travelling a short 30 minute ferry ride can change things for the better. Friday and Saturday were beautiful sunny days – in fact on Saturday we managed to have a great hit of tennis and were soon complaining of the sun having a bite to it – in the middle of winter, if you don’t mind!


Sunday saw a real change in weather and so cut our stay short due to a gale alert – that 30 minute ferry ride can feel like an eternity when its rough, so we all caught the earlier one to get home safe and sound.

My family were at a friend’s birthday party so it was nice to be able to go to that and see my gorgeous kids earlier than expected. They were thrilled to see me too.  And so we spent a lovely impromptu afternoon at our friends’ house, which was a great way to end my long weekend!  But once we got home, the kids were bathed and in bed by 6pm!  In fact, we all had a very early night after a busy weekend all round. (I must admit I am relieved the Olympics are over – after staying up to watch the Tour de France for most of last month and then the Olympics this month, I really need more early nights).

Unfortunately my middle child woke up with a high temperature after a couple of weeks of bad asthma, and so we both went off to the doctor this morning – we both have chest infections, although she’s definitely worse than I am – poor love. The visit to the doctor also proved to be fortuitous as he is an ex-marathon runner and when I mentioned my foot issues he had a rather simple solution. I can’t wait to try it out on Wednesday!

My darling girl is snoring gently as she sleeps on the lounge. Bless her little cotton socks. I hope we are both feeling better soon.

Thanks for calling by – hope you’re feeling fit and healthy!



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