Running an up hill battle

I’ve been sick all week and haven’t been able to run, so today I was feeling a bit better so I thought I’d take advantage of the sunny day to go for a gentle run to ease back into it – given the City to Surf is only a week and a bit away!  UUUHHHH!  I also wanted to test out the Doctor’s suggestion about putting some padding underneath the ball of my foot, near my toes, to see if that helps with the pins and needles -> pain I get when running.  It felt a little weird at first having these lumps under my feet – bit like when you first get orthotics, but I kind of got used to it.  To cut a long story short, I don’t think it worked *groan*.  I had to take my orthotics out after about 10 minutes because my arches were killing me, and because it was cold this morning my toes were a bit tingley to start with.  Then I ran up a hill and that’s when I really realised how much I am going to struggle to run a hilly 12km course in 9 days time! 

Having a chest infection, plus being an asthmatic anyway, meant running up a hill just was not going to happen without the risk of a coronary!  A couple of puffs on my ventolin, combined with walking instead of running eventually got me breathing normally again – phew! 

Since I’ve been sick, I’ve had this funny throbbing in my eardrum.  It is so disconcerting, and so when I was running and my heart was obviously racing, it was like having my own drum machine in my ear!  Annoying – much!

I tell you, if I were a horse at the moment, they would take me out the back and shoot me!  Thank goodness for small mercies!

One of the reasons we moved to this area is because of the proximity to the river where I run 3 times a week – I used to drive my car here most days, and now I only have to walk the 400m or so to where we meet!  Thank goodness this view takes my breath away everytime I see it, because at the moment I think that is the only thing that keeps me getting up to go for a run! 

I love this view through the trees to the river – it really does take my breath away every time!

So I’m going to start praying for a small miracle or two to happen in the next week – firstly that I can breathe properly and secondly that my feet might not hurt so much.  Or maybe I should just go and buy a lotto ticket because the chances of winning that are higher ….



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