Many happy years?

I recall not long after we moved here, I was acquainting myself with my new surroundings and I happened upon this plaque that sits in front of a park bench that captures the morning sun.  I had this amazing feeling, it felt like I’d won the jockpot, and I thought, how cool that someone loved living here so much they put in a plaque!  I knew then I was not alone in my sense that this was a great place to live.  Since then, I have spoken to many of our new neighbours and so many of them have lived here so long – including some that have lived here their whole lives!

Seeing this plaque again today reminds me of the gratitude I felt when we finally moved here, that despite the dodgy electrical work, despite the random asbestos throughout the house, despite the seeping cold in winter and the searing heat in summer, despite the occasional rodents that pay us a visit *ugh!*, that we too hope to spend many happy years residing here in the circus!

Happy weekend to you all,



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