Feet in the clouds

Or so I wish! I’ve just got back from a 10k run, which was nothing short of a struggle!  My lungs are working again, which is always a bonus, but my feet were in pretty bad shape. I tried the padding in a slightly different spot today – actually under my innersole, and I must admit that the left foot was not as bad, but I must have mispositioned the right one as it was like having a nail hammered into each toe every time I landed!  Remarkably, it’s only 10 minutes later and they feel ok, so that is something to be grateful for!  And it is amazing how good endorphins make you feel after running – I think I’ve trained my brain to remember how good they feel after the run rather than remember how much pain it is during it!  Which is why I keep doing it.

Today as I was running, I was trying to visualise soft fluffy, pillowy clouds under my feet, to no avail. I think I should have started doing that earlier on and it may have worked a bit better.

soft, fluffy clouds

Anyway, back to the podiatrist tomorrow to see if he has any last minute remedies!

Wish me luck!



2 thoughts on “Feet in the clouds

  1. Good luck for the big run Virginia! Hope at least the weather gods smile on you and it is fine and sunny. Ready the ice-packs! love Tricia

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