The princess and the pea…

I know you’re all busting your chops wondering how I went on my run today!  No?  Oh well, for those who might be interested, I am pleased to report that on my run this morning, I didn’t get any tingling or pain today!  Mind you, we were only doing hills training, so no real distances (maybe 3km if that) but recently I have had pain from quite early on.  I felt a bit like ‘The Princess and the Pea” as my podiatrist added an extra lump to my orthotics yesterday.

very interesting photo of said ‘lump’ in my runners

So I am quietly confident that I may even get through Sunday’s 12km run without too much pain  (touch wood). 

I am sure you will all be breathing a sigh of relief over this news!  (Trust me, I am!).

Forever the optimist,


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