Bloomin’ computer

I honestly have just lost the past 38 minutes (at least), waiting for my laptop to get it together to add a new post.  To think of all the things I could have achieved in that time – could have cooked dinner, done another load of washing, run 6km, had a nap even!  Hmmm, time for a new computer me thinks!  Actually the only problem with the current one is that I rarely delete anything from it so the memory is is running so low that it barely works! 

So now I am attempting to post on my Asus tablet thingy – hopefully it’ll work or else!

Luckily today’s post was going to be a quick one (so I could rush off to do all those things I haven’t done from above).  I’ve started thinking more seriously about house plans for when we build.  I drove past a lovely house with the same orientation to ours today, and yesterday I saw this gorgeous pool house on House of Turquoise’s blog which I thought was just how I’d like my actual house to look (let alone my pool house!). Courtesy of House of Turquoise

Ok, I this tablet thingy takes some getting used to – no mouse, just a touch screen, I don’t really know what I’m doing, but I guess there’s no better way to learn!

Time to wake up my little one and pick up the other 2 from school!



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