Friday catch-up – a mixed bag

Our view while stretching

It was a beautiful morning whilst out running today – we did our final run before the City to Surf on Sunday and it was a very comfortable run – yes, that’s right, no pain, no pins and needles and it was amazing!  We only ran about 5 km, so the proof will be in the pudding on Sunday, but it was such a relief to have a bit of a spring in my step for once! 

I’ll be sure to take some photos on Sunday and I may even try my friend T’s trick of videoing the finish line!  I can’t guarantee it though, I may not have the energy for that!!

Last night I went along to see The Mousetrap.  It was fabulous!  It is amazing that a play has been running for 60 years of consecutive shows!  I went with an old work friend (I’ll call her Muriel, as that’s what I call her!) and we brought the age demographic down a bit!  (It wasn’t surprising then to see paramedics sitting at the back.)  Muriel was a bit peckish and so bought a small (but expensive) packet of chips to eat whilst watching the play.  I had been thinking to myself that she was doing such a good job of eating them quietly when the woman in front turned around and told her to stop making so much noise!!  She seemed to be personifying the Mrs Boyle character of the play!  How petty, especially when people were coughing, sneezing, laughing, eating Maltezers etc the whole time!  There’s no pleasing some people though – I was almost expecting her to ask me to stop breathing so loudly.

It was nice being in the city at night too.  It’s not often that I’m there at night, but I noticed a real buzz.  I think Perth has certainly changed in the past year or so (no more Dullsville!) – and can you believe it, on Sunday, we’ll actually have 7 day trading!  Finally!!  Maybe that’ll take us one step closer to getting day light saving!  (Oh, no what about the faded curtains?!?!).

We’re having a little visitor staying with us for the next 10 days – Lily, my friend T’s dog is coming to stay while they’re off in Bali – lucky ducks!  My kids are so excited as Lily is a Cocker Spaniel and very cute and little in comparison to our Golden Retriever (who is big and cute!).

And it’s the end of an era too – I’m about to buy our last ever tickets to see the Wiggles! I think this will be my 5th time, but it will be the last time we’ll see all the original members together, so that’ll be pretty cool.  At the new Perth Arena too – anything’s gotta be better than the Burswood Dome!!   My 4 year old is very excited, she’s even planning what she’s going to wear and it’s not until November. 

Well, I promised a mixed bag and I certainly delivered today!  Hope you all have a great weekend – wish me luck!



2 thoughts on “Friday catch-up – a mixed bag

  1. Great blog Virginia. So happy for you that your feet are feeling better, enjoy the big run! Nice to be in touch. love, (the other) T

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