Lost in the transmission…

…or something like that!  Apologies for not posting yesterday, but I basically didn’t have time to scratch myself, let alone sit at the computer!  And apologies for today too – as it has literally taken me 4 6 8 hours (spread throughout the day) to edit this post!  Our computer has really had it….more on that later.

So I know you’re all dying to know how I went on Sunday at the City to Surf, and so I won’t mince words…..I did it – but it was awful! 

All smiles at the start!

That’s probably exaggerating just a little bit, but not much!  It is a hard run. The hills are mostly up with very little down (I don’t mind hills when you get the ‘free kms’ on the way down).  It was a magnificent, sunny winter’s day here in Perth – picture postcard stuff, but probably a bit warm for running!  (God forbid if it was run in summer!).  Anyway, my lovely running buddy kept me company for most of the way before I shooed her away so she could record a good time. I did try to keep an eye on her but there were too many brown ponytails in white caps to keep up!  This was around the 7km mark, when I also became aware of a large blister forming in my right arch – and it was pretty painful. I soldiered on though, running like a very old woman (see very unflattering picture below) and even managed to improve my time from 2 years ago – by about 5 minutes actually, which really is what I should be focussing on! 

I’m the one in the white cap – leaning forward as I think about ‘sprinting’ to the finish!

The best part was when I spotted my mum and dad and 2 daughters (hubby and son were at Auskick windup) and I managed to yell out to get their attention and wave and carry on – not sure where that energy came from, but it made me feel pretty good……until I started looking to the finish line, which seemed to have moved about 600m further down West Coast Highway!  Are you kidding me!  I was ready to sprint after seeing my kids, but there was no way I was going to be able to ‘sprint’ that far!  Although one of the lovely mums from school said it (the increase in distance) made my time even better because it was aparently 12.89km.  I’m sticking with that theory for sure.

Relieved that it is all over, with my girls

I am proud to announce though, that I will never do it again!  Ha!  There, I’ve made it very public and you can hold me to it!  I will do the 4km if my kids want to do it, but realistically it just didn’t float my boat.

Ok, so most of this was written this morning before the computer starting playing up, and in the meantime I have seen my podiatrist again, and he’s fixed my orthotics, which caused a major blister at the 7km mark (did I say that already?!!?).  We talked about the probable ‘diagnosis’ of Morton’s Neuroma and the prognosis (big medical words I know!), and I am kind of feeling more optimistic about finding a workable solution to the problem. 

I saw the orthopaedic surgeon yesterday, who obviously made the diagnosis, and he has referred me for 2 MRIs – have I mentioned yet that I have claustrophobia?!  The woman I spoke to when I made my appointments (yes, 2 feet = 2 appointments!) tried to assure me that my head would be sticking out of the machine.  Oh I hope so!  Anyway, I’m not going to waste my worry about that just yet, as the appointments are not until October.  I’ve got more important things to worry about ie this bloomin’ computer – again!

In brighter news, the dentist was happy with my teeth today!  And my children were happy with their Bookweek dress-ups – no tears for the first time!

And finally, because I have been so flat out with this silly computer, my medical appts, and fancy dress costumes, I didn’t have a chance to wish my good friend Tricia a very happy birthday.  I hope you’ve had a lovely day and I will call you tomorrow!!  (Everyone (especially mums) go and visit her lovely website for some inspiring thoughts).

Speaking of birthdays, it would be remiss of me not to mention that it is my birthday at the end of the week!  So if you’re thinking of sending me something special, perhaps you could all just chip in shout me a new laptop!!

Hey, if you don’t ask….



One thought on “Lost in the transmission…

  1. Well done Virginia. You made it! Thanks for the birthday wish and the plug! Talk to you soon. Put those feet up today. love T

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