Writer’s block….already?!

Writers Block via pinmarklet (Pinterest)

Here I was thinking every day I could think up something clever or interesting to write about and I’ve soon realised that it doesn’t work like that, plus my life isn’t that interesting that I am doing new and fun things every day – well not worth broadcasting to all and sundry.  Plus, time is a big factor too – and I am realising that I may actually need to dedicate some time to actually sitting at the computer and planning what to write about rather than just hoping inspiration will pour out through my fingertips into the keyboard – and hey presto! 

Anyway, I’m sure, like most Australian’s this week, I have been flicking through the latest Ikea catalogue and even though I don’t need anything new, I managed to mentally check off about a dozen things I could easily buy from it!  It did make me think about when we build our new house though, and I have finally started a checklist (yes, I am a true Virgoan) of what we need to do in order to get the ball rolling.  I am sure the planning will take up a lot of time – given we have to have our property rezoned before we do anything else.  I wonder if the planning of building a house is as much fun as planning for a holiday?  I love the planning and anticipation of holidays – in fact, planning a holiday is also something fairly high up on my agenda at the moment.  I’m trying to convince Sweet of it too – not always an easy thing to do, let me assure you!

I recall when he and I were planning our honeymoon over a decade ago – we spent well over a year plotting our 4 month adventure through France and Italy – and it was almost as much fun as the actual trip, well not quite, but you get what I mean.  I am hoping the house planning will feel a bit like that!

So I am going to go and put some more effort into my ‘To-Do Before We Build House ‘ Checklist and share it with you once it’s complete.  You may be able to offer suggestions if you’ve had to go through the process before?  Let me know if you do!



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