Holiday bug

Surely as a parent, there is no real escape from the day to day – surely??!! If anyone knows, can you let me know?

Recently I’ve seen a few quotes like the one above that espouse the whole notion of living life like you’re on holidays, rather than wishing your life away until the next holiday – which I am often (ok, always) guilty of!  And it got me thinking about what is it that I love so much about holidays, and therefore, what I don’t love about my life, that makes me feel like I live from holiday to holiday. 

What I love about holidays (particularly resort holidays, ‘cos at Rotto you still have to cook and do dishes) –

  • no cooking
  • no cleaning
  • no washing
  • freedom from domesticity
  • relaxation
  • warm weather (or in winter, snuggling up)
  • swimming
  • exploring
  • new cultures
  • eating
  • drinking
  • laughing
  • reading

What I don’t love about my life –

  • cooking every day (making decisions about what to eat each night)
  • school lunches every day
  • washing every day
  • cleaning every day
  • rushing every day
  • yelling at kids because we are late every day (well not every day, but sometimes it feels like it)
  • routines

Phew, at least that second list wasn’t as long as the first!! 

My friend T has just got back from a lovely family holiday in Bali and shared with me some of her holiday snaps.  It reminded me of some of the reasons I like holidays (especially resort holidays) so much – clean rooms, minimal stuff, basically the bare essentials. 

And then the lightbulb went off!  (Funnily enough while I was hanging out another load of washing!)

When I am feeling overwhelmed by all our ‘stuff’ – be it piles of washing, piles of paperwork, piles of whatever, I just want to escape from it all to somewhere with clean, crisp white sheets, fluffy towels, a wardrobe full of hanging space, and the bare necessities of life.

So even though we have only moved house just over 6 months ago (and threw out over 10m3 of stuff, plus our donations to charity and selling stuff on Gumtree), we have managed to accumulate more stuff, or not properly control what we already have.  And that freaks me out! 

To-do list number 372 – Declutter (again).

Technically it is spring now in Perth (although the weather is doing a damn good impersonation of winter at the moment, she writes after yet another hail storm rips through the neighbourhood), so a good spring clean is high on my agenda.  When I write this to-do list, I am going to assign tasks to all family members so we can all be responsible for various things – only fair me thinks!  It’ll be interesting to see how the 4 yo goes!

Then, when we’re done, I’ll go back to pricing my Club Med holiday for next year – just reward surely?!

Picture me with pinacolada in hand…



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