Quick update on feet, running and decluttering…

I don’t have much time today but thought I would quickly update you on how my feet are faring with my slightly altered orthotics. In a word – good!  Although I haven’t run over 7km since the City to Surf, my feet also haven’t hurt, haven’t had any tingles or gone numb, so I am thinking they (the orthotics) must be making a difference!  The proof will be when I eventually run 10km or so again and I’m not sure when that’s going to happen – maybe next week?  So I am pretty pleased with this!

This is not my kitchen, mine is very old and daggy. Maybe if it looked more like this, I’d keep it shiny and new like this?! #motivationtobuild

I am also pretty pleased to report that the task mastering threat of yesterday worked a treat!  The kids really pulled their weight and did a ‘reasonable’ tidy up and I feel immeasurably better!  I also did a huge amount of filing, culling, tidying etc last night, and I can actually see so many more clear surfaces and it truly has made me feel much better.  I just have to somehow keep it that way.  Any hints or tips?  Our reward charts only seem to be rewarding after so long. 

What works for your family?



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