Reconciling gratitude

I want to start with a big thank you for the helpful comments yesterday (on here and FB). It’s nice to feel understood and listened to.  I felt nervous writing about an emotive (for me) topic, but I think talking about difficult topics is important (and I’m not a ‘sweep it under the carpet’ kinda gal!). 


Today helped me gain a different perspective. I was fortunate to share in such a lovely day with my son, his class and some other parents. It was a retreat to a beautiful little shrine in the hills of Perth. Having time-out from the usual daily activities is such a nice change. No phone, no computer just plenty of time to reflect and think.

The children are learning about reconciliation and it is such an important aspect of our lives that I often neglect. Forgiveness is a powerful concept. Both asking for forgiveness (and meaning it) and giving it.

What a timely reminder it was. I’m sure I’m not alone in finding it difficult to admit I am wrong – even writing that is hard!   Imagine though that whenever someone wronged you (or vice versa), that they came to you and said “please forgive me” – and you did!  I’d probably be weeping constantly!!  Seriously though, I think the world would be a different place.  Food for thought eh?

One of the reasons today was so lovely was the woman running the retreat. She was infectiously funny, she cared about the children, and she used amazing analogies to get her message across to the them. Who’d have thought that Kung fu Panda was really a lesson in reconciliation? I’ll be watching it with new eyes next time!

Today’s retreat also reminded me about gratitude. I sometimes only pay lipservice to it, yet I have so much to be grateful for – family, good health, great friends, that I cooked enough last night for leftovers tonight, and I’m feeling very grateful that we’re having the AGM of my investment club tonight – love a mid-week night out!!

Speaking of which, I have a few last minute tasks to do before then, so I’d best get onto it, heat up dinner and get this show on the road!

Thanks for reading (see, showing more gratitude already! 😉



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