Grateful yet again, is there a pattern forming?

On Sunday, my son and I went along to watch the mighty Eagles thrash North Melbourne in the first round of the AFL finals. We caught the train to and from Subiaco as it was more convenient to where we were sitting. On the way home my son unfortunately left his backpack on the train – bad mother me, forgot to remind him to get it before getting off the train! Anyway we rushed to Fremantle station to see if we could get there before the train left, but to no avail. Poor kid was in tears and then he finally admitted that his wallet was in there too, and it pretty much had all his savings in it.  (Not to mention the AFL Record magazine, that he had been painstakingly recording every goal and point kicked by both teams!).

Floods of tears. Declarations that he’s never using public transport again! Poor thing.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I reported it through the various channels, and have been ringing each day to see whether they’ve found it – nothing.  So today I happened to be in town (Perth CBD) and saw a Transperth Info office. I asked the lady to check the system and there was a bag matching the description at the Freo station! And low and behold, we got there, and the bag indeed had been handed in – completely intact – with all the money in the wallet!

So, to whom ever kindly handed in my son’s backpack on Sunday afternoon at the Fremantle train station, THANK YOU!  You have made my week!  And my little man is going to be so thrilled when he sees it after school!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


4 thoughts on “Grateful yet again, is there a pattern forming?

  1. Phew, you must have been so relieved to get that news! Nice story Virginia. I hate it when things get lost, makes me really mad cos I’m usually so on top of things. Good on you for persisting. love T

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