A change in the routine

I’ve been pretty lucky so far that my husband doesn’t travel much for work, but this week has seen a bit of a shake up, with him off to Melbourne for the week, home on the weekend and then back to Melbourne and Sydney next week.  So I’m flying solo with the kids, and so far we’ve managed (well it is only day2!!), but I have had a couple of realisations of how much I take Sweet for granted.  For example, when my son was coughing in the middle of the night, I vaguely heard it, then bam!  Uh oh, it’s me that has to get up!  Ugh!  But I managed to prop him up a bit and then go straight back to sleep – thank goodness as it had been a late night at my volunteer job.  Even with that – I had to get my parents over to babysit, which fortunately they love doing.  But I like to have a chat with Sweet about stuff before I go to bed – he always waits up for me – in fact we have a rule that I ring when I’m leaving so he knows I’m safe (especially if I leave on my own as I get scared going to my car sometimes).  Mental note to self – must show more gratitude to Sweet for all he does – he might keep doing it then!!

One of the major changes to the routine that effects me personally is that I can’t get up and run in the morning while he’s away.  So yesterday I had every intention of dropping the kids off at school, and going for a run (10k no less) after drop-off.  I was dressed and ready to go, then I decided it might be a bit warm already, and really the dog needed a walk and excuse after excuse was made, so I only went for a leisurely walk with the dog!  It doesn’t quite make sense that its actually easier to get up with the sparrows and go for a long run, than it is to go after 9am.  But there you have it.  I find that very difficult.  Perhaps its also because I’m used to having my running buddies – yeah, another good excuse I know! 

Anyway, to compensate I did some running in the pool today whilst my youngest had her swimming lesson.  Big boy stayed home from school as he is not well, so he had to just sit and wait (well play hangman on my phone!). 

Both the kids are asleep now, so I’m quickly doing this while the washing is on, then I’ll make dinner before picking up my oldest daughter from school. 

But before I go, our school had a Japanese themed Art Show on Friday night.  I was just lovely to see all their creativity on display.  I helped with the set up on Friday, which I must admit was pretty exhausting as we didn’t stop – no food (well that’s not quite true – there were mini croissants), no cups of tea, just slogging away, feeling every bit terrified that we were going to run out of time to get it all done.  But it all came together just before school pick up time (which was rather fortuitous as at 2 minutes to 3 I realised that I had parked in the middle of the ‘drive-thru’ area and would be blocking the whole thing!).  Needless to say, I needed a nanna nap so I could actually make it to the show that night (luckily I did, or I wouldn’t have been able to stay up dancing until 1am!).

Setting up the art show

I didn’t take many photos on the night, but here’s one of the Year 3s’ paintings.

Watercolour paintings by Year 3 class

And this one below is one that a teacher made for the silent auction – I won a bidding war for it!  It’s titled “Gumnut Kimmi Babies”.  So clever!

Hot silent auction item – ‘Gumnut Kimmi Babies’ – I ‘won’ it!!

And this one is incredible – one of my good friends’ son did this (ok, apparently with a little help from the art teacher, but still). 

Geisha Girl

I’d be framing that and putting it straight in the ‘pool room’!!  (Or making prints and then selling it??!!)

Ok, must go, this has taken much longer than planned – I’m running out of time to get everything else done!  Hope all’s well with you.



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