Better than winning lotto?!

Ok, maybe not, but I finally had my appointment with the neurologist today to make sure there was no underlying neurological problem contributing to my feet hurting when I run. He basically said, nope, it’s all good. He said there would be no way I could run up to 30km a week if I had a neurological problem. So that is very good news! It is always nice to have a positive outcome – even if it was expected.  At any rate, the newer orthotics seem to be doing the trick now, so it seems that the Morton’s Neuroma diagnosis is correct, and at least should allow me to continue running for the foreseeable future.  It is unfortunate though that I haven’t been able to run at all in the last week. On top of Sweet being away, I was quite unwell with another sinus infection. It really knocked me about and as a result, I did not have much inspiration nor inclination to blog or do much else last week.

I did have to get my stamina up for Friday night though, as the kids had their highlight of Term 3 (if not the whole year) with the school disco on! What a classic. They had such a great time – getting all dressed up, lots more product in the 8 year old’s hair than usual, and the girls needed to be sparkly and beautiful! Unfortunately, the photos are not that flash (case in point below)…

And then I was off to a 40th for one of my Investment Club friends.  We had a lovely dinner at Barque in East Fremantle.  Fortunately I got home before midnight as I shudder to think how I would have fared on Saturday morning if I had have kicked on with some of the girls!!

Sweet came home on Friday night (while I was out for dinner) so it was very exciting for our family to be back together for the weekend, at least!  It was funny because the kids were really out of sorts on Saturday getting used to Daddy being around again.  There were tears of joy and frustration (from them and him I reckon!).  It is no wonder FIFO families have such a hard time adjusting to the away-parent coming and going. 

Sweet and I went to a 50th on Saturday night – one of our neighbours from our old street.  It was weird being back there – sad in a way, as they were such lovely people in our street.  But it was a great night with the best wood-fired pizzas – yummo!

And on Sunday we had a lovely family day, exploring a waterfall in East Fremantle that the kids have been asking about for ages.  We caught a few tadpoles and wondered around with the dog for ages.  Then settled down by the river at Zephyrs for morning tea.  It was just such a lovely way to spend the morning.

We took Sweet back to the airport in the afternoon and waved off the plane – amid tears from my 8 year old son who is terrified of planes crashing!  The girls had made a new friend so they were not even thinking about it, but my little man is a worry wort!  We also checked out the relatively new plane lookout at the end of the runway at the Perth Domestic Airport – it was very cool (unfortunately I didn’t take any photos), but it is well worth a visit if plane spotting is your thing.  We were very chuffed when one of the pilots waved at us just before take-off! 

So, no husband again this week, but then it’s school holidays next week, so I just need to get through this week and we can all take a deep breath and relax for a couple of weeks!!

Will hopefully post my ‘Building a House To-Do List’ in the next day or so.  Its looking a bit scary!

Until then, take care!



One thought on “Better than winning lotto?!

  1. The dreaded spring lurgys – in our house too. Bring on those holidays! Glad all is well with the footsies. Looking forward to the reno list…I will live vicariously through you – I’m over renovating for the moment!!

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