Somewhere over the rainbow


We’ve been putting up with real wintery weather in Perth for the past few days, but this evening whilst the kids and I were having dinner I spied this beautiful rainbow through the dining room window. The kids were so excited as it was a full “double” rainbow.  (It reminded me of a funny youtube video I saw a few months ago!)

This week seems to be dragging on.  Sweet’s on his way home from the airport at the moment, and it’ll be lovely (not to mention such a relief) to have him home again.  And of course there is only one more day of the school term left, so holidays are looming!  I think I am more excited than the kids!  It is always so nice to be able to relax from the usual routine of school.

I was working on my building to-do list yesterday and ended up on a few different tangents – firstly pricing airfares to London, which then lead me to realise paid employment might need real consideration if we want to head down that path!  So I started job hunting (for next year) and even though its only been 18 months since I resigned from work, I had the realisation that I really haven’t been for a proper interview for 14 years! (Well that’s not quite right as I had internal interviews when going for promotions or new roles with my previous employer, but still!). 

It has made me think more about what I’d really like to be doing in the next phase of my career, and I suspect that some further study (mainly refresher-type courses) may be involved. It’s all a bit daunting really, but I felt a rush of excitement too.  I realised I don’t want to just settle for any job, but want to make sure I’m still in a ‘helping’ profession that will allow me to combine parenting in a fair balance.  Hopefully that’s not going to be too much to ask!

So, like the song, I’m hoping there are blue skies somewhere over the rainbow, and that the dreams that I am daring to dream really do come true!


PS Weather permitting, I’m going for my first run in 2 weeks tomorrow morning!  I’m not sure if I want it to keep raining or not…


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