Hiatus over!

The kids are finally all back at school today, so my computer hiatus is finally over!  Not that I completely banned all electronic devices, but I just didn’t spend the usual amount of time on the computer.  Instead we had lots of lovely family time and enjoyed the (mostly) lovely weather to engage in lots of outdoor pursuits.  So although we didn’t go away over the holidays, the kids (and I) felt well rested and energised for the final term of 2012.  Although that has had me feeling a tad melancholic as it is the last term I will have my baby girl at home with we before she starts fulltime school next year!  It will be the first time in nearly 9 years that I haven’t had a little person by my side during the week!  Even when I was working part-time, I still had days with 1, 2 or 3 of them with me.  No wonder I’m feeling a bit sad – it’s the end of an era!  So I guess I’m going to have to make the most of this last term to spend time with my little one and enjoy every moment of it.  People always say childhood goes in the blink of an eye and I guess now, I am finally believing it! 

True to enjoying every moment with her, yesterday she had her first swimming lesson at our local pool at the river near our house.  (This is one of the reason’s we wanted to live here!).  She loved it and I thoroughly enjoyed sitting watching her without the noise and smell of the indoor pool where we used to do lessons.  I think we’ll be basing our summer days around this place!

Now that I have some time to myself again, limited as it is, I want to start refocusing on getting things in order for next year.  I had a look at the checklist I started a while ago, and it’s funny how that has transformed over the weeks since.  In a nutshell it went:

  • investigate rezoning
  • speak to neighbours
  • arrange survey of block
  • scope renovation costs
  • find Perth builder who’ll do weather board
  • speak to building companies re cost of adjusting plans
  • speak to architect/building designer
  • panic
  • get a job
  • decide to go on a holiday because it’s all too hard
  • scope holiday costs for Europe 2013/14

And guess what I’ve been doing ever since?  Yep, planning a holiday to Europe!  Of course nothing is set in stone, but as part of our “5 year plan”, we had always marked 2014 as the time we’d take the kids to Europe (age-wise it’s perfect as they’ll be 10, 8 and 6).  Anyway, my parents are thinking of going next year, and hence we may bring it forward so we can do some of the travel with them.  We’ve always wanted to show my parents Italy (as my husband is half Italian) and we wanted to be there with them and take them to where Nonno is from! 

I love planning holidays, it is THE BEST!  I’m not sure how we’re going to pay for it all, but we can work that out later!  Yesterday my little one and I ventured to the local library to return some books and we found ourselves at the travel section!  So we came home with a bit of light reading for the next little while!  Over the weekend, I checked out some language courses so the kids can learn some Italian, and thanks to A-M’s recommendation, we may be able to converse in no time!! 

So it might mean putting off building for another year or two, but already I am used to the daggy purple paint and the darkness of the kitchen.  Maybe this is a good compromise. 

I just have to keep sowing those seeds in Sweet’s mind….and hope that Mum and Dad don’t really mind us gate crashing their trip!



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