Bits and bobs

Its been a busy week for me so far. Hubby is away again and I keep volunteering to help out at school, so I’m a bit behind on everything else!  We also had a busy weekend with the kids having their first Nippers session at the beach on Sunday, and my son having his first water polo game on Friday night.

Nippers was great! Not quite what I had expected – in that I had thought, mhmm, I might take my book with me so I can read a bit, under the umbrella, while the kids run around. Little did I know I would be running around almost as much as they were! It might be the first time in a few years that I’ll actually sport a ‘real’ tan, as opposed to one from a bottle! We spent a full 2 hours in the sun, and that is not something I make a habit of. The kids loved it though, and they were shattered afterwards.

My daughter’s first day at Nippers

Water polo was the same. My son thought it was brilliant, possibly because he scored a goal towards the end of the game. It was a lovely social evening too as I caught up with lots of people from all different parts of my life – lots of current friends, one of my best friends from primary school, an old work friend, uni friends. It was great.

My son’s the white-capped one about to catch the ball!

And what’s even better is we’ve got a couple more months of this to look forward to! Roll on summer! (And that’s not something you would usually hear me saying!).

I’ve been sitting here at my computer for the past hour paying bills, checking emails etc and our resident magpie paid me a visit. “Scruffy” seeks refuge in our front yard. He is a juvenile magpie but is particularly picked on my the older birds – he has feathers missing and a very scruffy head (hence the name) from the pecking. I was sitting here typing and he perched on the little wooden fence near my window and poked his head around to see me! It was so cute (I had to take a photo)! My poor dog got a bit jealous though – he’s not used to sharing the attention.

Our resident magpie, Scruffy, paying me a visit.

This morning I spent some time helping my son’s class make chocolate crackles.  What a great bunch of kids.  They had lovely manners, all waited their turn and were just so happy to be doing something fun.  The will be full of beans once they’ve consumed all that chocolate though!  (Hopefully their teacher lets them eat them well before home time!)

I love it that my kids are still young enough to love seeing me around the school. 

Chocolate crackles – yummo!

The other highlight of my weekend was that I went along to an art show that an old friend was exhibiting at.  We didn’t get there until late because of Nippers etc, but as it turned out the timing was perfect as I was there to witness her being awarded the ‘people’s choice’ prize for the show!  Well done Mia!  Check out some of her amazing paintings at her blog.

The only other news I have is that I saw the orthopedic surgeon yesterday and my he confirmed that I have Morton’s neuroma.  The images from the MRI are so cool!  Cross sections of my feet.  Technology amazes me!  Anyway, because the orthotics are working, he doesn’t want to see me again (unless it gets worse).  I just need Sweet to stop going away so as not to interfere with my running regime!




4 thoughts on “Bits and bobs

  1. Hi Virginia – nice blog, great to hear about what you’re all up to. Love the photo of you at school, lovely one. Life’s good in the circus! love Tricia

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