How the other half live

Today I spent a lovely few hours with my Mum, my youngest daughter and a good friend wandering the streets of Perth’s most expensive suburb, Peppermint Grove, for PLC’s annual Open Garden Day. PLC is an exclusive girls’ school and they have been hosting this lovely day out for the past 15 years. We wandered through some truly amazing gardens and grounds of some equally amazing homes. Many of the blocks are over 2000m2 in size allowing for a tennis court, pool, pavilion and the obligatory mansion.
Some houses were overlooking the Swan river and had the most beautiful roses, lillies, irises, jasmine and lavender. The smells were lovely. Shame it doesn’t translate over the internet!

There were butterflies galore, as my youngest discovered, to her absolute delight!


And littles fishies in the ponds!

I was more in awe of the architecture of the houses, especially the pool houses and pavilions. I really think I could live in either of these!



We overheard lots of people speculating about what they would do if they won the $100 million lotto jackpot that is being drawn next week! I’m not sure that I’d want the responsibility of maintaining a garden to this standard, but I’d love to be able to afford to buy a block that could fit a tennis court and pool! Views would be optional!

What would you do with such a windfall? Happy weekend to you all!



2 thoughts on “How the other half live

  1. Hi Virginia, your daughter is so adorable đŸ™‚ ………..i do admire those million dollar houses but i think i would need an army of cleaners and gardeners to maintain it all…………..but if the lotto guys are ready to supply those , the houses are pretty hard to resist !!

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