A quick post is better than none?!

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It’s been a busy week this week – so I thought I’d better check in quickly to let you know I am still alive and well, albeit busy!

I help A LOT at my kids school, as I figure once I’m back in paid employment I won’t have the luxury of time, and the kids probably will be sick of seeing me!

So I’ve been cleaning out cupboards for the P&F Committee, helping with reading, canteen and so on this week, plus doing my usual stuff when my youngest is at home with me.  I knew I was feeling a bit frantic when I had a bit of a meltdown the other day – we’d hurried off to some quick shopping before her swimming lesson only that I had her lesson time wrong and so we missed out completely!  I was relying on my not-so-reliable memory rather than my calendar on my phone and so hopefully I will actually remember to check my phone next time!

That same day we had a lovely kiddy-friendly Melbourne Cup lunch with a friend.  We had a very pleasant afternoon and enjoyed a bottle of low-alcohol champagne – what a great idea for a schoolday lunch!  And then yesterday I caught up with an amazing friend of mine who I’m thinking of doing a bit of work for.  She certainly left me feeling humble, grateful and positive about my lot in life.

This weekend, my investment club is going on our Annual Swindlers’ Family Weekend Away.  There will be about 41 of us bunking down at Fairbridge, just an hour south of Perth.  Last year was our first one and it was great fun – I wrote about it at our Swindlers’ blog.  I just hope the flies aren’t as bad as last year!

And that’s the other reason I need to keep this brief, amongst packing and cleaning my house (that’s a whole other story as my folks are staying here on the weekend!) I still have to do my research for our meeting during the fun and festivities at Fairbridge (oh and I’m off to dinner with the Kindy Mums tonight)!  We’ve just sold some shares so we’re cashed up an ready to buy something else!

Any hot tips on good shares to buy at the moment?!

Hoping you all have a happy and fun weekend too! (I’ll tell you all about mine next week!).



3 thoughts on “A quick post is better than none?!

  1. Wish I could tell you about which shares to buy but not much of an expert there …..totally relate for a kindy mums night out though , love those … We have one coming up in about a fortnight 🙂

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