Fairbridge fun and extraordinary Elton!

I had barely recovered from a fun-filled weekend at Fairbridge when I had to back it up with an (Sir) Elton John concert the next night! But gee it was worth it.

He is truly an amazing musician – his piano playing was extraordinary, and he sounds just like he did 30-odd years ago when I first heard him on a cassette! He can’t quite hit some of the high notes, but then again, I never could!

We managed to get up close and personal for the last 5 or so songs and have a dance and sing-a-long! Very cool!

Yes that is me with Elton in the background!

Some diehard fans had memorabilia for him to sign, but as we’d rushed to the stage with just my phone, we weren’t able to snaffle an autograph.

As I mentioned, this was after a fabulous weekend away with most of my Swindlers friends and families. A few families couldn’t make it, but I think we managed 42 people on the Saturday night, actually a few less than last year! What a great weekend though. Most of the kids know each other from playgroup, and although they don’t catch up regularly, they seem to be able just pick up from last time so easily. The had so much freedom riding their bikes, climbing trees, playing cricket, basketball, chasey, and generally running themselves ragged!

And what is truly amazing is that the adults all get on so well.  The Dads seem to be very laid back, easy going people, not surprising given the personalities of the Mums (and I mean that in a nice way!)!!  Often with groups there will be issues with people not pulling their weight, but not this group.  Everyone pitched in preparing, chopping, cooking, cleaning up, barbecuing, entertaining, but most of all laughing and having fun! 

In my post last week, I mentioned we’d be having a meeting whilst we were away to buy some shares in a new company.  Unfortunately, time got the better of us – we did manage to have a meeting….in the carpark, moments before departing on Sunday afternoon!  Gee we are efficient – the decision made was nothing less than astounding!  More on that another time though!

Life is back to normal now, although Sweet is away again.  Just 2 nights this time so it isn’t too bad.  No running this week though – aside from not being able to go early, my back is playing up and I’ve been at the physio and chiro yesterday to try to help.  I woke up this morning with the other side hurting!  Go figure.  Fortunately it didn’t harm my grooving at the concert last night (or maybe that’s why it’s worse today!).

Hope all’s well with you.



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