A day at the zoo


Look closely for the baby meerkat in the background - so cute!

I don’t know how teachers do it, but I am absolutely shattered after spending the day at zoo with my daughter’s year 1 class! In fact I am lying on my couch doing this post as I’ve just had a nanna nap so I will be able to stay up long enough to go to my volunteer job tonight!

It was a great day out at the zoo, with Perth turning some beautiful spring weather – not too hot thankfully and there was plenty of shade anyway. There were lots of parent helpers which always makes it much more enjoyable.


Sleeping lions - so close, but thankfully the glass is thick!

As my kids are getting older we tend to overlook the zoo for an outing, yet they love it so much and it really is a very lovely day out. We’re heading to Taronga Zoo after Christmas when we’re in Sydney and I think they’ll really enjoy that. Any tips from Sydney-siders?

We are trying to work out what else to do in Sydney when we’re there… aquarium, Luna Park, what else?



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