‘Tis the Season

If you’d asked me yesterday how I was going with getting ready for Christmas, I’d have sighed and admitted I was well behind in doing anything.  Actually, ‘nothing’ was more accurate, as in I had done absolutely nothing!  And what a difference a day makes.  Today, I am nearly finished my Christmas shopping – largely due to a well-timed email this morning from Toyworld saying their VIP sale started today!  Over the past month or so, I’d been keeping a little note on my phone of hints the kids had been dropping and also some ideas of my own for what to buy them this year and as luck would have it, many of the items were on sale today!  Gosh I love it when that happens!

I wish the elves would come and wrap them all like this for me!

This year we are trying to limit what the kids get, and plus, as we are spending Christmas in Canberra with my husband’s family, I had to be mindful that we have to lug everything back and forth with us.  So I’ve managed to a bit strategic as well – any large presents will be given here (from Grandparents and cousins) and the smaller gifts will go with us (from their Canberra cousins, us and of course from Santa!).

I now have the interesting task of hiding everything!  This new house has a distinct lack of storage in comparison to our last house (and what storage we do have is pretty much full), so this should be a challenging hour before I pick up the kids from school. 

In other news, it is blowing an absolute gale here today, and I am sitting looking out the window hoping the big tree out the front doesn’t lose a limb!  My little friend Scruffy (our resident magpie) is not enjoying the wind either – he’s sitting on the outdoor lounge just infront of said window warbling his little heart out.  And now the fig tree (laden with unripe figs) is banging on the side window – I really don’t want to have to cut the branch off as there are so many figs on it!  Fingers crossed the window doesn’t break!

So I hope it is nice and calm where you are or if you are in Perth that you’ve managed to stay indoors and away from the elements!



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