Action Packed Weekend!

There’s never a dull moment here, well actually there are plenty, but this weekend there weren’t any! We had our usual Friday night at water polo which was as enjoyable as ever. Then on Saturday morning we agreed with our neighbour to capture our resident magpie Scruffy, and take him to a local animal rescue and rehabilitation place called Native Arc. The kids were very upset with this as we weren’t sure what would happen to Scruffy. So we fended off tears with promises of television watching (very exciting for kids who aren’t allowed to watch tv during the week) and lollies. And Sweet and I started to prepare to catch Scruff. Easier said than done, let it be known!

Scruffy waiting for some food.

Scruffy waiting for some food.

We started out by trying to lure him with meat, and we unsuccessfully tried to throw a blanket over him, but we soon realised Scruffy is smarter than that! So we then resorted to the old “box held up with a stick tied with some string” trick, and approximately 3 hours later, we got him!

The very sophisticated trap...

The very sophisticated trap…

So off we went to drop him off.  We could hear him fluttering his wings in the crate and the kids were getting a bit upset, so we sang a medley of songs (Christmas carols) to keep him entertained and it actually helped to calm him down.  Sweet fed him tidbits of meat and so the combination of the two seemed to work.

Sweet containing Scruffy in the car

Sweet holding onto Scruffy’s crate in the car

As it turns out, Scruffy will be fine – he just needs some time to fatten up, grow back all his feathers that have been pecked out, some lice treatment (which is probably why they were pecking him in the first place) and then they will actually release him back to our front yard!  Thank goodness, as when I got back in the car from filling in the paperwork, my son was in floods of tears that he was never going to see Scruffy again!  We all felt very chuffed that we’d done something good.  And I felt very grateful that these lovely volunteers are out there doing such a great job.  Thanks Native Ark!

The rest of Saturday was spend rearranging furniture so that we could put our Christmas tree on Sunday.  I had great fun directing traffic as Sweet moved things here and there (my back was sore and I was under doctor’s orders not to do any housework!  Gotta love doctor’s orders like that!).  Then that night I headed off with an old work friend to the theatre.  Lets just say that it was an interesting show and thank goodness the ticket price included a glass of wine!!

After a very late night catching up with my old buddy, we had to be up early to go to Nippers.  What a glorious day it turned out to be.  The kids had such a lovely time down there after our horrible weather of last week.  Afterwards they were all in the water swimming, surfing and boogie-boarding, when a surf life saving patrol boat zoomed along ordering everyone out of the water.  We reckon within a minute there was no one in the water for a far as the eye could see north and south.  We hadn’t heard a siren or anything, so we just waited on the shore to see what the fuss was about.  Lo an behold, the chopper came from Fremantle and started circling directly in the water near where our kids had been minutes earlier.  We could not see anything – despite the water being very calm, and then a couple of people could see a shadow about 100m off shore.  It was a 4m great white shark!  And there was no fin to alert any of us, nor any “dun dun, dun dun” music for effect!

This is my photo from the beach of the chopper and SLS boat near the shark….

Chopper and SLS boat

Chopper and SLS boat – our kids were swimming in the light water in the middle of the picture

This is the photo from the helicopter looking back to where we were standing…(courtesy of @SLSWA on Twitter)

Our kids were swimming etc in the light coloured water - man he looks huge!!

Our kids were swimming etc in the light coloured water – man he looks huge!!

I was so pleased that none of the kids panicked or were stressed by it all, and especially impressed with how efficiently the surf life savers got everyone out of the water!

So after our eventful morning we spent the afternoon putting up our Christmas tree – it’s the first time we’ve had a front window to put our tree in, and the kids love being able to see it from outside.  And then it was off to spend the evening with our friends at the local carols by candlelight.  A very relaxing way to spend while away the remainder of the weekend.

The kids helping put the Christmas tree together with the dog supervising

The kids helping put the Christmas tree together with the dog supervising

helping me with decorating

Helping me decorate

putting up the lights

Putting the lights on

The finished product!

The finished product!

All in all, a very exciting weekend for us!  And I think the rest of the week is looking equally as frantic – I’m out every night I think – thank goodness it only happens for a few weeks a year or else I would not cope!

Trusting you’re enjoying the beginning of the silly season as much as we are.



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