End-of-Year Fun and My Bookclub!

The school term has ended and summer holidays have begun – if someone could just tell the weather to sort itself out!  We’ve been busy this week with end-of-year parties, a lovely sing-a-long with one class, and a delightful whole school Christmas play on Monday.  Now the house is covered with a year’s worth of art, scrapbooks, collage etc which will have to be spirited into the recycling bin while the kids aren’t looking!!

And it’s not just the kids who’ve been social, I’ve been a bit of a butterfly myself!  Last night, in fact, I had my bookclub’s Christmas dinner.  We went to the local yacht club for something a bit different and braved the elements to get there (I don’t begrudge the rain we’re getting, but the wind, thunder and lightening?  Really, this is Perth in summer, not the tropics!).

Anyway, my bookclub has been going for about 7 years – kind of coinciding with when we came back to live in Perth from Canberra, before my 2nd child was born.  There are about 8 of us who used to work together – now dating back 15-16 years – and a couple of these have known each other from Mother’s Group with their now 19 year olds! We are all allied-health professionals who worked in the disability sector, with all but one still working in a similar field – lucky for us that that one owns her own winery now, so we get the benefits of that!!  And we all vary in age by about 10-12 years (with me being the baby – and they don’t let me forget it!!).

But I love this bunch of women!  We laugh, we talk, we discuss, we debrief, we laugh a bit more and I always leave feeling enriched by being with them.



We are not a “proper” bookclub who read and analyse a specific book, rather we share books we’ve enjoyed reading and talk about our lives, our kids and our work, and we eat and we drink and then at the end we talk about books!  I often leave our gatherings with panda eyes from my mascara running and a sore stomach from laughing too much!

At Christmas we each buy a book and giftwrap it, then we randomly choose one which will eventually be shared back through the group.  It’s like a co-op!

Happy face!

I was very happy with the book I received last night.  It’s by Lisa Genova, who wrote “Still Alice”, a touching story of a woman with Alzheimer’s disease – and I must admit I had diagnosed myself with early-onset whilst reading it!! But I am now looking forward to reading this new book over the summer break.

But before I start lounging around, I’ve got lots of things to do and then I’ve got to get ready for my investment club’s Christmas dinner tonight!  No rest for the wicked, you know!

Hope you’re having just as much fun!



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