Hiatus over!

The kids are finally all back at school today, so my computer hiatus is finally over!  Not that I completely banned all electronic devices, but I just didn’t spend the usual amount of time on the computer.  Instead we had lots of lovely family time and enjoyed the (mostly) lovely weather to engage in lots … Continue reading

Missing in action (well sort of)

I’ve been busy for the last week entertaining the kids on their first week of school holidays. Thank goodness we didn’t have much planned as the week ended up chock-a-block full of activities and play dates with only a smidgen of down-time between it all. My excuse for not blogging is that the kids were … Continue reading

Somewhere over the rainbow

We’ve been putting up with real wintery weather in Perth for the past few days, but this evening whilst the kids and I were having dinner I spied this beautiful rainbow through the dining room window. The kids were so excited as it was a full “double” rainbow.  (It reminded me of a funny youtube … Continue reading

Better than winning lotto?!

Ok, maybe not, but I finally had my appointment with the neurologist today to make sure there was no underlying neurological problem contributing to my feet hurting when I run. He basically said, nope, it’s all good. He said there would be no way I could run up to 30km a week if I had … Continue reading

A change in the routine

I’ve been pretty lucky so far that my husband doesn’t travel much for work, but this week has seen a bit of a shake up, with him off to Melbourne for the week, home on the weekend and then back to Melbourne and Sydney next week.  So I’m flying solo with the kids, and so … Continue reading

Reconciling gratitude

I want to start with a big thank you for the helpful comments yesterday (on here and FB). It’s nice to feel understood and listened to.  I felt nervous writing about an emotive (for me) topic, but I think talking about difficult topics is important (and I’m not a ‘sweep it under the carpet’ kinda … Continue reading

Sports carnival

Yesterday we had the kids’ sports carnival. My darling son was so excited as he really wanted to win the Yr 3 running race. In the morning, I was coming back from my run and he came sprinting across the park when he saw me returning. He ran into my open arms and I assured … Continue reading